University of Oxford/ESRC grant

I am very excited to announce that later this month I’ll be moving to the Institute for New Economic thinking at the University of Oxford. I’ll be a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on the Oxford Martin Programme on Inequality and Prosperity, looking at inclusive growth. You can find more information about the research programme here.

In addition, I have been awarded a New Investigator Grant from the Economic and Social Research Council. The grant is titled ”Women-Friendly’ State Interventions and Occupational Gender Segregation: Paradise or Paradox?’ (no. ES/S016058/1). I’ll be re-examining the welfare state ‘paradox’ – the idea that more ‘women-friendly’ welfare policies make it harder for women to reach the best jobs – using up-to-date data and novel methods and approaches.

Helen Kowalewska
Lecturer/Assistant Professor

Lecturer/Assistant Professor at the University of Bath with interests in comparative social policy, gender and employment.