March 2019 – Nordic Welfare Research Conference

March 2019 – Nordic Welfare Research Conference

On 14-15 March I attended the Nordic Welfare Research Conference at the University of Helsinki and presented my latest research. The research examines how family and labour-market policies shape women’s access to corporate board and executive positions across 24 OECD countries via a fuzzy-set analysis.

It was a strange experience presenting research on the lack of women in the most powerful positions while surrounded by paintings of white old men on the walls. Funny when you see comments like those claiming white men are becoming an ‘endangered species’.

I plan to continue developing the paper and will be presenting again at the 2019 European Sociological Conference in Manchester (20-23 August).

Helen Kowalewska
Lecturer/Assistant Professor

Lecturer/Assistant Professor at the University of Bath with interests in comparative social policy, gender and employment.