Research Interests and Projects

My research addresses ongoing theoretical and empirical debates about the role of gender in welfare states. My PhD examined how employment and family policies help or hinder women’s employment and the role of gender boardroom quotas in improving the ‘women-friendliness’ of workplaces, such as through reduced sexual harassment and greater work/life balance. Since then, I have co-authored a paper on the rise of female breadwinning across the UK, Europe, and the US and worked on a project that examines the impact of boardroom quotas on women’s representation in the very top board and executive positions in the UK and 23 other countries. I plan to build on this research over the next few years with the support of an ESRC New Investigator Grant. Specifically, I plan to carry out a cross-national study of the factors at the country and regional levels that reduce, or potentially reproduce, the segregation of men and women into different jobs and sectors of the economy, as well as the interplay of a woman’s individual characteristics. In addition, I will be developing research with the team at Oxford Martin Programme on Inequality and Prosperity at the University of Oxford, where I’m taking up a position as a Postdoctoral Research Officer in August 2019.

Research projects

Postdoctoral Research Officer: Oxford Martin Programme on Inequality and Prosperity.

PI on ESRC New Investigator Grant, ”Women-Friendly’ State Interventions and Occupational Gender Segregation: Paradise or Paradox?’, grant no. ES/S016058/1.

ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship: Social Policies to Support Women’s Employment and Achieve Gender-Friendly Workplaces, grant no. ES/S010793/1.

ESRC Research Fellow, ‘Female-Breadwinner Families in Europe’, grant no. ES/N00082X/1, PI: Dr Agnese Vitali.